Ahmed Detta, CEO of ASD looks at a new recycling system recently launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Davos is a place where the world’s leaders come together to tackle the world’s problems. One of these problems is our environment and how we balance the needs of business with the importance of caring for our environment. This year Loop was launched at Davos and here are my views on it.

Hailed as a new way to recycle I have some questions about the programme.

  • The programme is providing elegant boxes to store products at home but the products still arrive in single use packages to the home, so how exactly are they changing behaviour? I put my cereals and other materials into my own tuppawear boxes, so what’s the big deal?
  • If a local council is providing at home recycling services, isn’t there a bigger carbon footprint created by this programme as they are doubling up on the collection process?
  • The manufacturers are ‘uniting’ but they are not collaborating to change design or process for these products in the first place – in my opinion they are palming off the responsibility to the consumer yet again – have to now store these special boxes for their products.
  • This is yet another recycle at home service which we don’t need.  On-the-go recycling is where the focus should be.

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