ASD to bring a solution to plastic waste in the North West of England
ASD hopes to create a circular economy in the North West of England by bringing
innovative recycling methods to the region, including an advanced Deposit Return

Recognising the North West’s commitment to a low carbon economy, ASD have
strategically chosen Cheshire and Warrington as a location for their green vision,
implementing proven technology in recycling PET plastic into food-grade

The site where ASD hope to be based is Protos within the Cheshire Science
Corridor Enterprise Zone. The site, located on the south bank of the Manchester
Ship Canal is run by specialist UK logistics and industrial property business, Peel
Logistics Property.

The plant will use innovative technology to recycle PET plastic with a vision to
ultimately work along the entire journey of a plastic bottle and food handling
packaging – from the distribution centre, to the stores, in the consumers hand, the
disposal and ultimately the return of this material to our own processing facilities.
ASD aim to bring their own Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) to the region with
Recycle Exchange – encouraging the people of the North West to recycle and
become engaged with the process providing the ability to track their own waste
through the exchange. An App that allows consumers to obtain either monetary
reward for depositing their plastic bottles or donating an amount to a local charity,
will be developed.

Cheshire and Warrington is a UK leader in energy production technologies, with an
ambition to make the region the UK’s first zero carbon industrial zone. Philip Cox,
Chief Executive of Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership said
“Cheshire and Warrington has a compelling offer with significant industry already
located here, and the research and business expertise to support a shared ambition
to become the number one location for clean growth. Our Enterprise Zone is

geared up to support businesses that might locate there, with incentives available
as well as a range of additional support services to make locating in Cheshire and
Warrington easy. The LEP and our partners will always work with businesses to
provide the right support that meets the needs of a business.”

Ahmed Detta, CEO of ASD believes the region will benefit significantly from PET
recycling facilities and welcomes the initial discussions:
“Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership are working with us to help
our investment at Protos, demonstrating a shared vision to develop a greener and
more sustainable region. These shared goals will transform the way we recycle in
the region – using a circular economy to make single-use plastic a thing of the
past. These shared goals will transform the way we recycle in the region – using a
circular economy to make single-use plastic a thing of the past.”

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