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ASD is working with the impact-led crowdfunding platform, SeedTribe, to raise investment for our projects. SeedTribe is part of the Angel Investment Network that is supporting introductions to investors for ASD’s UK recycling facilities.

Liv Sibony is head of the platform and has a passion for impact investing and sustainability.

Liv joined the Angel Investment Network in December 2017 to launch SeedTibe, with a primary focus on impact investments. With a global network of over 160,000 registered investors, she is working to change the mindset of investors, showing them that it’s possible to invest in businesses that focus on a social and/or environmental challenge while also ensuring they are profitable. Doing good business means focusing on the triple bottom line and will lead to much more sustainable businesses in the long term.

It is ASD’s impressive track record that caught Liv’s attention to bring them onto the platform along with the business addressing a problem that society can no longer avoid in this day and age: the pollution based around single-use plastic. Liv and her team were impressed by the work ASD has done to date and the fact that they have partnered with highly esteemed partners. SeedTribe are excited to be backing a team that is focused as much on the financial return as on the problem they are solving. Liv believes it’s a perfect example of profit-for-purpose, where nothing is sacrificed.

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