Recycle Exchange

Recycle Exchange

Government policy and consumer lobbying to increase plastics recycling and reduce littering is now evolving at pace. In the UK, according to the UK Parliament review “Plastic Bottles: Turning back the Plastic Tide” 700,000 plastic bottles are littered every day equating to 1.97% of the total 13 billion plastic bottles used each year. There is currently little or no financial incentive for consumers to recycle plastic on the go. A Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) is expected to be introduced throughout the UK starting with Scotland by 2020 and it’s likely that England will follow suit.

We feel passionately that we should not wait for a DRS to accelerate on the go recycling; we have a sustainable solution that meets the needs of all key stakeholders involved. The ASD Recycle Exchange (REX) is an on the go recycling concept system that combines proven Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) and Out of Home (OOH) Advertising technologies. Plastic bottles will be deposited into the system by citizens in return for a financial reward that can be used to buy new goods or donate to a chosen charity. Advertising revenues will be shared with our landlord partners and used to fund the payments to citizens. 

REX systems will be installed in strategic locations with the highest footfall initially and the compressed plastic bottles will be delivered to ASD recycling facilities for processing. 

Ultimately our aim is to provide a complete end to end solution that engages every person and material in the process with full accountability. We achieve this as we work along the entire journey of a plastic bottle – from the distribution centre, to the stores, in the consumers hand, the disposal and ultimately the return of this material to our own processing facilities. Providing support at every step of the journey, we can ensure rigidity and transparency of the process, thus building consumer trust.

We are delighted to share some concept designs for this project and further details and the opportunity to invest will be available shortly.

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