Sustainable Fund

The ASD Sustainable Fund

Our team is passionate about establishing a fund once the company has achieved it’s recycling blueprint across the UK.

Our ambition is to set up a sustainable fund to give 5% of our profits to charitable and environmental causes. With a panel of judges on board we hope for the public to pitch for funds that will do good for society and the planet.

This fund is available for all to apply and its aim is to generate enough money for real tangible solutions to problems society and the planet face.

The aim is to choose one project a year to help fund with the hope that ASD is able to provide not only monetary value but to also provide advice and knowledge to projects.

ASD is keen to connect with talented people who provide fresh ideas and thinking to projects and we want to nurture talent with the hope of achieving real change and progress through mentoring.

Mentoring from ASD’s board will bring a breadth of knowledge and expertise to projects. There are no limits as to who can apply and ASD hopes the fund can be available to all across the globe.

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