Waste Collection Innovation Programme (WCIP)

Waste Collection Innovation Programme (WCIP)

Not enough people are recycling. Of the five and a half million plastic bottles bought on-the-go each day in the UK, 700,000 are littered. Undoubtedly on-demand recycling services are inadequate. There’s a lack of resource invested in educating consumers on what can be recycled which means much of it ends up contaminated and in landfill.

UCAAN is a Digital Advertising Recycling Platform® (DARP) designed to gamify on-the-go recycling.

With UCAAN, ASD aims to understand consumer behaviour, lifestyle and choices and by doing so we hope to bring about a conscious change to how people recycle.

With 60% of our time spent outside the home, UCAAN offers consumers an on-the-go incentive to recycle, whilst providing brands with a new advertising channel to demonstrate their green credentials.

Therefore the first DARP machines will be placed in high footfall public locations across London, Manchester and Birmingham from October 2019.

The waste generated by UCAAN will be treated in plants that ASD have developed in England and Wales, with the recycled material sold as food grade material for new packaging products.

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